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Ghana's political system dominated by corrupt powers - Prof Gyimah-Boadi

Comment: Ghana's political system ...

Paapa Kwesi Oduro
2018-09-04 04:08:15
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Ghana's political system dominated by corrupt powe

It will not be too long when it will dawn on the ordinary citizens that they are being taken for a ride and that they must take their destiny into their own hands. At this point there will be a general national uprising. This is when politicians who think they have power will learn very bitter lessons.
We all believed that Nana Akufo Addo was going to clean the system, not knowing he will hear of "corruption house" at Sunyani but Asoma Kyeremeh's owns it, and since he is a friend, Nana has heard nothing and seen nothing.

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08-31 12:51
Ghana's political system ...
Paapa Kwesi Oduro
09-04 04:08