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NDC Polls: Elect committed executives – Rawlings

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2018-08-31 13:18:39
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NDC Elections

When Kwaku Baako informed us about the atrocities of Kwesi Pratt during PNDC Regime, some of us did not believe until the truth was confirmed during the NRC. Kwesi Pratt is the most dangerous Journalist Ghana had ever have, he had the gut to recommend his fellow journalists to be executed by PNDC. Pratt even recommended Baako to be killed by the regime, thank God Baako was instead touchered violently and severely but his life was spared. This is what Kwesi Pratt can do. Now Pratt is a secret agent to NDC and US Embassy in Ghana. May God forgive Pratt and spare him the untold evils that will come upon him and his generations. The souls of those journalist killed through Pratt's recommendations to PNDC will never forgive Pratt. Now Pratt has the guts to take Diplomatic Passport and smuggled his weak-headed children to work at the Ministries under Mills NDC, may God forgive Pratt and his dependance and spare them of the evils ahead of them...

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