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Busia, father of rural development - Akufo-Addo

Comment: Re: Why not Busia- a God of Ghana?

2018-08-31 14:56:17
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Why not Busia- a God of Ghana?

Oh , Mr Abeeku, are you just being mischeviuos or old age and it’ s residual amnesia has caught up with you ? Let me refresh your mind if it is possible.
Duo you remember Busia brought in the Israelis to construct a central sewerage system in Accra to put an end to open defecation on the beach ? As at today, there parts of the system underground in Accra. You short sighted people made fun of him saying “ WE EAT BEFORE WE SHIT” . Now you are still shifting on the beach. Your pro Nkrumah and socialist parties, the AFRC/PNDC/NDC have been in power longer than any party and the people in Accra still shit on the beaches and you have the nerve to call him ignorant and incompetent ? The people of Accra rejected the project because they allowed their stomach to dictate to them.
Busia made the development of the rural areas his priority so that people would not drift into the cities now what do we see now ? You rejected his rural development projects because you were going to lose the freebies you leeches , parasites and hangers on were enjoying . Busia put Ghana first in his administration that was why he drove away foreigners who engaged in economic activities reserved for Ghanaians. What do we see now ? We have illegal aliens doing business and destroying the environment to boot and we sit helpless. Our curse has been you brainwashed Nkrumshist ideologues who are still alive and still think communism/ socialism is still relevant in this modern world. We Ghanaians with long memories reject Nkrumah’s CPP and what it stood for , that is why since the despot Nkrumah was overthrown, his party has become irrelevant.

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Re: Why not Busia- a God of Ghana?
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