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Busia, father of rural development - Akufo-Addo


2018-08-31 11:27:03
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Busia, father of rural development - Akufo-Addo


My Dear Kofi:

I have just heard on the air that your government which came to power barely three years ago has been toppled by the Ghana Army. It is rather significant that most of the evils of which my government and I were accused and which were the main reasons for the overthrow of my administration were apparently the same reasons that motivated the army takeover of your regime.

I am sure that you now realise that those who criticise other people without bothering to assign good reasons for their criticisms eventually end up as victims of their own circumstances.
You will also appreciate the fact that those who sow a wind reap a whirlwind, and after you have finished spoiling other people, you will be surprised to find out that you have spoiled yourself.
Perhaps, you will agree with me in my assertion that during my tenure of office for 15 years, I did my best to improve the economic conditions of my people, although, admittedly, my policies brought unexpected difficulties which were inevitable and for which my people were unprepared.

Nevertheless, there is evidence of some of my achievements in Ghana, which you, of all people, cant pretend to deny the fact that I made Ghana what you found it when the same army overthrew my regime.

It would serve no useful purpose for me to recount some of these achievements, but suffice it to say that Akosombo Dam, Tema Harbour, Tema Oil Refinery, Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, VALCO, to mention only a few, are all my handiwork.

But the most important contribution I have made to the personality of the black man was that during my tenure of office as President of the Republic of Ghana, I made the African proud of his heritage.

Today, throughout the African world, many countries have attained political emancipation as a result of the torchlight I lit in Ghana which my own people, including you (Kofi Abrefa Busia), did not appreciate. Thus, my government and I were accused of a host of unprintable evils which sought to discredit me and to pave the way for you to establish yourself as a successful leader on the African political scene.

Since my government was overthrown six years ago, and since you assumed the reins of authority in the latter part of 1969, I have been watching closely events in Ghana and I often felt that the way you were handling the affairs of the country, that is relying so much on colonialists, imperialists, capitalists and neo-colonialists, you will one day end up in the gutter with the same imperialists and capitalists nailing your coffin.

Your handling of the Aliens Compliance Order in which, for the first time in the history of Africa, a neighboring government drives out of its country fellow Africans like cattle and oxen in open trucks, your so-called dialogue with the Apartheid regime in which you seek to create the impression that you are the only black man on earth who is capable of bringing pressure to bear upon the racists in South Africa and other diabolical policies are too numerous to mention here.
You will recall that just before the general elections in 1969, I broadcast on Conarky Radio to my people in Ghana, exhorting them not to vote for any other candidate for the Premiership but you.

I do not know how you took this exhortation, but I could conjecture that you probably assumed that by exhorting the people of Ghana to vote for you, I was placing you above other candidates. If this was your way of thinking, then I am sorry to say you miscalculated and misconstrued the motivation of my exhortation.......

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