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Akufo-Addo leaves for China and Rwanda

Comment: grow up.

Jeffrey Daniels
2018-08-31 09:10:55
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Re: Good for Nothing JDM Toilet Cleaner

Dude kwaku, you're a disgrace to education. Which tribe are you and according to your statement or comments where did the person you're referring to made mention that he/she is an Ashanti by tribe. Let me advice you in this world one can easily bring curses to themselves without knowing, this is what's some of we Ghanaians are suffering from. Some of us may leave the issues at hand and attack tribes as if we are better than the God who created the whole tribes, among all the Ghana tribes the Ashantis are the only tribe in ghana who have given part of their lands to all the tribes in Ghana to live freely and even name the place after their tribes. Example Accra town, fanti new town, agric Nzema, Agloga town, aboabo 1&2 and others. Pls can you tell all Ghanaians which place in your tribal land have your people given to the Ashantis.why won't God keep blessing them. ...pls check your words before spew curses to yourself.

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08-31 04:03
grow up.
Jeffrey Daniels
08-31 09:10