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Akufo-Addo leaves for China and Rwanda

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2018-08-31 04:20:38
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Aboa,your ndc leaders need to learn sense but mot somebody blessed already with wisdom, kwasea! you think your John mahama is co-equal to Nana? stealing to get rich is different from been born rich and a fool can never be like a man of wisdom. Aboaba like you Opanyin ni wofie ! ndc nkwaseasem ne Nkurasesem ne ntetekwaasem you think will win you power? 2020 WE GO VOTE NANA, come and insult the 6 regions who voted against John mahama when history repeat itself ! ndc will rot in opposition! kwasea, Nana is classy,he has class and in this world we move by classes,hence compare the ndc to the NPP and you see vast difference. Nana Addo will never be relegated to the gallery in any country like Scotland parliament did to John mahama! Ndc shameful people with no shame!

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