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Locally assembled VW cars to hit Ghanaian market January 2019

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Kwame Canada
2018-08-31 14:00:29
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Thank God Ghana is working again

Obviously, majority of Ghanaians don't know how car assembly works, and the benefit it will be for the country. To have VW assembly plants in Ghana is privilege, and the government should be applaud for that effort. Do Ghanaians know why USA and Canada has so many cars manufacturing plants? The answer is "EMPLOYMENTS." Thousands of workers everyday, and the government? Taxes are coming in in millions every week. Also to educate some of you, car parts comes from many countries. Big car manufactures has established factories around the globe where specific parts are made and tested before it's shipped to assembly plants. So if Kantanka need government help, the company need to goes through a process before anything can be done. The company can not go to China, buy parts to assembled and ask the governments to support that, NO! Please my brothers and sisters, do your home work well before you insults any one.

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08-31 03:02
Re: Thank God Ghana is working again
Kwame Canada
08-31 14:00