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Locally assembled VW cars to hit Ghanaian market January 2019

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2018-08-31 10:14:02
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Locally assembled VW cars to hit Ghanaian market J

So we are a about to send our hard earn money to Germany. I petty for this country. U guys said to us that we should patronize made in Ghana goods, now u have decided to bring Germans into this country. So will a country who continue to go this way develop, USA president uses a car made in USA, the queen of England uses cars made in England and so on but African presidents will say to the people while in opposition that there is no money in the country but when they are voted into office, the will remember that riding in a TOYOTA land cruiser latest edition is nice, now government officials now use 2018 edition of toyota cars but a car company is in the country KANTANKA MOTORS but we are not supporting the man, Ghana can take advantage because there are few African countries who produces there own cars, we can help the man so that we promote his cars. Because development and perfection requires continue practice let start buying these cars and I hope by the next 15 years to come KANTANKA MOTORS will be a global brand and the nation will be proud off. That who can do attitude made be deleted from our subconscious mind and I know by learning, practice, determination and perseverance we will be a be a first class country. I will be proud if a Ghana can produce products like phones, cars, trains, aircraft, build mega structures, builds apps to be used in the country and Africa at large and so on.

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