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Religious bodies agree with government to pay taxes

Comment: You Are DEAD WRONG !!

JB Nwotwe
2018-08-30 13:13:56
Comment to:
Signs of the end time

If this is the end of time, Germany would have vanished years ago.

Do you know that in Germany, EVERY christian (Evangelical or Catholic) MUST PAY and DO PAY taxes), not voluntarily but mandatory.

In other words, before your employer transfers your monthly salary to your bank account, the percentage for the church tax (among others like Social Security, Unemployment..) WILL BE DEDUCED? And the more you eran, the more you pay, because it is percentual.

To see this as is church tax: consider all 100 members of a church paying their chury taxes, then effectively the while church has been made to pay tax - not from the church's profits, but from the income of congregation.

Note that this law does not apply to African churchs, since those African churhecs are registered as associations and not as churches

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08-30 10:39
JB Nwotwe
08-30 13:13