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Religious bodies agree with government to pay taxes


2018-08-30 12:45:02
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Religious bodies agree with government to pay taxe

Agree that churches who do not provide any socio-economic orientations and developments should be taxed. The misuse of poor congregants tithes by the charlatans calling themselves some preachers living ostentatious lives needs to come under scrutiny. Nigerians come to Ghana to establish mushroom churches as smokescreen for their shady business activities. It will defy common sense to ask a body as the Catholic Church that the government has leaned heavily on in areas of education, health, charity and Social developments since independence to pay taxes. About 50% percent of educational and health institutions in the country is established by the church, providing support to needy rural communities without which the government will collapse in so far the visionless politicians continue to rob the folks. The same goes with the other orthodox churches, albeit not on same larger scale as the catholic church. Thus, if Ghanaians are not benefitting from the activities of the countless number of mushroom churches other than the noise making nonsense whilst their leaders place themselves on the same pedestal as the Supreme God with highly deceptive streaks robbing their followers, then the tax hammer should fall. Even the so-called pentecostals have denigrated their core spiritual vision, veering into a race as to who is wealthier in their ranks, doctoring their names with unfounded, big, fat titles that makes Ghana a country with probably the highest number of phoney clergymen with dubious titles. The average priest of the Catholic Church receives 9 to 10 years of priestly education in philosophy,
sacred theology and subsequently goes through rigorous academic pursuits in different disciplines to equip him for a global mission with a master degree to begin with. Here in the USA and other parts of the globe, the church has most of the highly ranked colleges and universities to train and equip students across the religious aisle. It is only in Africa that titles have mushroomed in the religious arena as a conduit to swindle the ignoramus who take the shitty baits of rogues parading as prophets, professors, doctors etc - wherever they got those titles from is another thing altogether. But the sum total is that Ghana should rid herself of this malaise that turn people into parasites and lazy beings, sitting tight all week before these charlatans who indoctrinate them into robots, fleecing them out of their poverty to live ostentatious lives whilst the poor souls wallow in penury. The government need to sanitize society altogether.

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