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Religious bodies agree with government to pay taxes

Comment: Praise The Palm Tree

2018-08-30 12:14:44
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Religious bodies agree with government to pay taxe

The Tithes and the Offerings are the wheels and the foundations of the Church leaders into richness. When the churches collect these monetary filings or donations, it immediately turns into income by the night, and in the back of the leaders minds, a personal property or power. It then could be spent in anyway or form it chooses - an enrichment without limitation. And here comes the race to the top in wealth. Here, it is measured in a material possessions - the chains of cars, private jets, the houses, the concubines or the women etc. The basic picture of a religious person in the minds of people is lost. And the majority of our church leaders are living as described above.
What happened to our believe of Religion?

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08-30 10:39
Praise The Palm Tree
08-30 12:14