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Religious bodies agree with government to pay taxes

Comment: Corruption must stop first

Kofi K K Dumfries
2018-08-30 11:35:42
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Religious bodies agree with government to pay taxe

Look we have more resources that give us revenue even Tema Habor , Cocoa , Oil Gold etc if the the state cannot use these revenue to furnish the country then they leave religious body alone isms so disappointed in these clergy who met the president they should have told Mr President until corruption stop dare religious body will start tax paying to me they shouldn't sue the corrupt politicians will misuse the money. Yes is due corruption that why Ghana is broke now you are chasing churches but the church has registered as nonprofit organizations so how and why do want t by em to pay taxes . Take Wayome money it will help

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08-30 10:39
Corruption must stop first
Kofi K K Dumfries
08-30 11:35