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Akufo-Addo jets off to China with high-powered business delegation

Comment: China is still a communist nation. Plea

Yaw Yeboah
2018-08-31 02:17:36
Comment to:
China is still a communist nation. Plea

Yes, your comment is spot on. However, I'm sure the Chinese President will remind Akuffo-Addo, of the strong historical bond established by Dr Nkrumah and Chairman Mao. The irony of this trip is comical. Earlier this week we listened to Akuffo-Addo and others praising the leadership qualities and political vision of Dr Busia. Yet, within a few days Akuffo-Addo, is now begging for financial assistance from a one party State governed by the Communist People's Party of China.
Nkrumah's decision to establish diplomatic links with the People's Republic of China has proven to be not only visionary but wise.

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08-30 08:03
China is still a communist nation. Plea
Yaw Yeboah
08-31 02:17