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Akufo-Addo jets off to China with high-powered business delegation

Comment: Ghana and Africa foe sale

Abeeku Mensah
2018-08-30 08:57:37
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Akufo-Addo jets off to China with high-powered bus

The chickens are home to roost and it ain't going to be pretty. The danger to mankind is truly not hate but unprincipled hypocrisy. The NPP and Busia-Danquah did not stop at accusing Nkrumah as a communist or socialist tyrant because Nkrumah dared to not play rollover for the Danquah-Busia preferred ideological leanings until Nkrumah's overthrow. What exactly is Ghana under NPP and Busia-Danquah ideologue Akufo-Addo doing with the once dangerous communist China? Are NPP folks and Akufo-Addo this naive to believe China is a benevolent country to help Africa develop for free if Western nations and its rival ideology did not Ghana and Africa develop for free? So just as dimwits voters in Ghana believe there's a free government program without cost to society they believe China has no ulterior motive for Africa; keep dreaming folks.

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08-30 08:03
Ghana and Africa foe sale
Abeeku Mensah
08-30 08:57