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Akufo-Addo has about 45 relatives in his government - Amaliba claims


Stephen Donkor, New York.
2018-08-29 18:18:10
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Akufo-Addo has about 45 relatives in his governmen

That Aponkye faced Amaliba is full of shit. Both President Trump’s daughter and his son in law are working in his government as an advisor and a policy strategist respectively, but Americans have never had any issues with that. Even the most advanced democracy in the world, where conflicts of interests laws work perfectly. Shut up! You stupid ass. The reality is that Akuffo- Addo himself comes from a very affluent and one of the most educated families in Ghana, both his mother side and father’s lineage. You’re talking about the Ofori Atta’s and the Akuffo’s and Akuffo- Addos from the Aburi and other places where education became a focal point even during the colonial era. So is Amaliba the goat telling Ghanaians that out of about 5000 government employees and staffers, all over Ghana; what percentage does 45 people make? Not even 0.1 percent. Again is Amaligyimii telling Ghanaians that only one out of the 6 daughters of the president who are all highly educated, even that one daughter should not be employed by the government because her father is the president? Maybe you expect the president daughter to relocate to Togo and work as an agbatee( a head potter) . Who even certified this idiot as a lawyer? A lawyer with no sense of reasoning? My foot! Hei yooo!

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08-29 17:28
Stephen Donkor, New York.
08-29 18:18