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We will build national cathedral, NDC can build national shrine – David Prah

Comment: We may need a Referendum on this.

G. K. Berko
2018-08-29 16:59:35
Comment to:
We will build national cathedral, NDC can build na

The best way to resolve this Cathedral issue is by Referendum. We must let the People decide whether not they need it and when it should be built.

As much as I am concerned, this is one of the feel-good projects that only go to satiate the egos of certain entities among us. Are we so spiritually deficient that we must build this Cathedral to feel any deserving of God's Grace?

What do our leaders really think the Cathedral would serve for a National interest? To show that Ghana is God-fearing? Or, a Christian Nation? Or, a much needed space for worship for all denominations?

Would the Muslims be welcomed there to worship in their custom? And how much would it cost us?

At this time of our economic struggles, God would appreciate it more, I strongly believe, that we spent the money for the Cathedral on our School Children or Hospitals or Roads to help our folks get a firmer grip on their lives. It is only then that they can have the knowledge and health to do the Lord's work as intended.

God deserves our praise and honor. But He would appreciate more that we prioritize our expenditures more wisely, than embark upon flagrantly ostentatious showcasing of our mendacious claims of loyalty to Him and His purpose.

What this MP indicates is a fascist, tyrannical imposition of the Majority in Parliament on the People. He knows very well that should any Government ever come up to contemplate building any shrine of any kind, he and his partisan cohorts would be at its throat to abandon that idiotic plan.

The essence of the opposition to building of the Cathedral is not necessarily what it may stand for, as much as its necessity or priority in our national agenda. Timing is much of a factor in assessing the relevance of the Cathedral.

So, it is not like if the NPP builds the Cathedral, all of a sudden God will forgive any corruption that is embedded in its governance. And, that does not even ascribe any special, high ranking of Christianity to the NPP.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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08-29 12:57
We may need a Referendum on this.
G. K. Berko
08-29 16:59