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Akufo-Addo’s government is full of his relatives – Amaliba

Comment: Hypocrisy

2018-08-28 23:26:23
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Akufo-Addo’s government is full of his relatives

Do these low thinkers want to tell us any appointee bearing the name Akuffo ,danquah or addo and comes from the akyem enclave automatically is a blood relation to the president,so by this inference, then anyone bearing the name Mahama, dramani or John, and comes from the three northern regions automatically qualifies to be Mahama s blood relation;,then u people killed Ghana paao,cos the number of Dces,Mce's,government appointees in the various assemblies,presidential staffers,ministers who were from the north were all mahamas relations not to even talk of his brother Ibrahim Mahama who was evading tax with impunity, borrowing colossal monies from banks without repayments leading to their collapse, and above all clandestinely ceding Ghana' s Bauxite to him just because of bloody brotherliness,then I will prefer that of Akuffo addo cos none of these thievery has happened to his so called relatives in government.

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