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Sign continental free trade agreement – Akufo-Addo urges Nigeria

Comment: Me what do I know ?Nigeria is doind well

Tobi Daniel sani loves beeca
2018-08-28 12:36:16
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Cesspool of a nation that all the important world leaders that matters are falling over themselves to visit or invite to their countries . First it was trump that invited Buhari to the White House .. first African leader to be invited .. then UK now accept naira officially to purchase good directly UK. Only South African and Egypt have such .. the French prime minister was there few weeks ago for a whole week ! A whole fucking week .. meanwhile German chancellor will be in Ghana for less than a day . Smh .. then British prime minster will be there for a few days this week .. I can’t talk much but I think nigeria is recognised by the powers that be so your opinion is completely useless ! Oh I forgot to mention that at the above article , did you read what Nana said about nigeria ? Please re read again .. how many times had Nana been to nigeria since his presidency began? South Africa leaders visited nigeria twice since becoming president .. all these not bad for the most backward nation on earth now . Lol. Even though your president think otherwise .. African leader he said .. re read the article. People that maters knows who nigeria not Unknown keyboard warrior

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08-28 08:10
Me what do I know ?Nigeria is doind well
Tobi Daniel sani loves beeca
08-28 12:36