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Wontumi slams Otiko for rejecting Ambassadorial position

Comment: Fools insulting Wontumi!

Akyire Twa Animu Twa
2018-08-27 19:03:39
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Wontumi slams Otiko for rejecting Ambassadorial po

Why should Otiko join politicss if she doesn't have time for politics? Why didn't she resigned all this while to stay home and look after her husband until this appointment? Politics is like a team, and the coach being the president can decide where he thinks one can be good at. Now the question is; is Otiko thinking for herselfs comfortability or that of the party since she didn't resigned all this while and why so? 2) Does Otiko wants to dictate for the party or what?.Otiko's decision seems she is bitter which ought not be so.Where is her patriotic stand for the party and the nation as a whole? It could have been an advantage even for her to take care of her husband better in Europe!

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08-27 15:29
Fools insulting Wontumi!
Akyire Twa Animu Twa
08-27 19:03