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I’ve committed ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ to Allah – Bawumia

Comment: Contradiction

Mpaebo Frema
2018-08-27 21:28:22
Comment to:
I’ve committed ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ to Allah

Ghana beyound aid prayer in a foreign land. Stopp the misplaced proirities and move the country on. How can you contradict yourself by saying Ghana beyond aid when you cannot even manage work stress in Ghana but had to travel to UK to manage stress? Mr so called Dr vice president you dont need to travel beyond Ghana to pray for the country beyond aid. Ghana beyond aid can be a reality if only we change our attitudes to work such as yours where you have to use government money to travel for personal activities.
Think of the children suffering in villages yet you claim free education at the SHS level where only the children of the aflluents in soceity will benefit. Think of the children with no school blocks yet you want to demolish strong houses and waste money on the construction of National cathedral. Do we really need it urgently where national christian worship can be observed anywehere? God help us

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08-27 06:20
Mpaebo Frema
08-27 21:28