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I’ve committed ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ to Allah – Bawumia

Comment: islam is evil

Nick the Greek
2018-08-27 10:04:39
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I’ve committed ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ to Allah

If Ghanians were smart and I think most are it is time to take up arms and rid your country of every filthy muslime that is there. Why would an African want to still be a slave to a white pedophile/murdering scumbag like moHAMhead. There's is no such thing as allah - if you think there is you are a total and complete MORON. Death to islime and all muslimes. All muslimes are SLAVES all muslimes are TERRORISTS. THE only AGE of IGNORANCE (jahiliyya) is anyone who is a muslime filth and islime itself for close to 1700 years (stupid, ignorant,brain dead muslime fools) - you muslimes are the most ignorant people of all - plagiarism does not make for the TRUTH - it makes for LIES - THAT IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE: shitslam/pisslam/pusslam... CASE CLOSED

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08-27 06:20
islam is evil
Nick the Greek
08-27 10:04