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I’ve committed ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ to Allah – Bawumia

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2018-08-27 09:03:19
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Re: I’ve committed ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ to Allah

What is the difference between an adolt worshiper and you you worshiping the blood of jesus with the unthinkable belief that jesus died for the sins of all mankind. Do you think that God is unjust? Will you bear the the punishment of a crime committed even by your own child? Africa bravo, you're a pagan. Christianity is a branch of ancient Greeks paganism. If you go back to find the truth about the worship of the "sun god". Christianity began with catholism in the world. Find out in most of the prominent catholic churches in the world today, you will find the "one eye " symbol either at the top of the church entrance or inside . Then all the shit churches we have today sprang up from this roman shrine. It will helps understand your origin very well if you look for this documentary called "ARRIVALS ". Go to hell!

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Re: I’ve committed ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ to Allah
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