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110 ministers 'scandalous', but let's wait and see – Gyimah-Boadi

Comment: It was a bad precedent

2018-08-26 21:00:48
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110 ministers 'scandalous', but let's wait and see

The level of corruption in your government is no longer a perception but a reality and the absolute truth. What's true corresponds with facts and facts are observable. Perhaps Akufo Addo himself must accept the facts including the blind or ardent supporters . It must be noted that, he then in opposition promised to build a first class government of competence with Bawumia the loudest mouth and self-proclaimed economic genius projecting himself as the saviour. Nonetheless, the first blunder was creating an oversized government filled with family and friends : frivolous ministerial positions and numerous appointments including one for his daughter. Additionally, the government embarked on dodgy intangible projects difficult to ascertain or substantiate such as the digital projects .Seemingly, the worse of all is the recent scandal of Ameri deal. What else do we need to conclude that the "mad dog" is corrupt and all his rhetorics are of fallacy!.All Ghanaians irrespective of their political affiliation must wake up to reality and question the judgments of politicians and stop defending them .They are thieves full stop; however, the paid or hired political agents will continue to generate contents in support of their paymasters.

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It was a bad precedent
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