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Let's help Akufo-Addo realise 'Ghana Beyond Aid' vision – Okyehene

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2018-08-27 06:41:07
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Let's help Akufo-Addo realise 'Ghana Beyond Aid' v

Stats shows that every year Ghana losses abt $ 3 billion thru corrupt practice of state officials and abt $ 2 billion at our ports and the tax net is too small which I hope the government will wider it to include so many business esp the small scale business. I wish the the country should go the Chinese way, if someone is found guilty of any corrupt act the money should be taken n sentence to death # kill the person. We go to china to borrow $ 2 billion which the country losses abt 600% of that amt a year. With this money Ghana can solve at least 70% of the nation's unemployment problems, improve infrastructural facilities. Prayers have being said by Muslims, Christians, Traditionalist and even the unbelievers but we are still in our ABCD. We must change our attitude and the love for money n work for our nation Ghana. I know people will say Ghana is not for his/her father, or he/she is the people who can change the country but with the little effort u and I put together will help us build a great nation. # Time for development.

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The new way
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