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I will support Otumfuo to end Dagbon crisis - Nana Addo

Comment: Northern crisis

2018-08-27 11:56:21
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Ask yourself about Dagbomba and Ashantis. Foolish people like your always painting Ashantis with bad names, and whenever people like type put in a public office your attitudes are always base on tribalism line.
A Dagomba man don't fear Ashantis a single day in Ghana history. Ask Ashanti hene why Dagomba people don't remove their sandals or bow down to Ashanti gene.
Some of you don't know anything in Ghana history. You just got up and start posting rubbish on social media without learning the history about other tribes. During slavery, Dagomba people were the only people who didn't allow the slave traders to temper their people because of they had powerful warriors in their land to fight and protected their people. Dagomba people also have largest land and flat in the history of Ghana. Very soon Tamale will be the largest city in Ghana. Since slave trade and during the civil wars Dagomba and Ashantis remained one of the best friends and best trade partners in Ghana history. There is no Ashanti man in ghana who can disrespect a Dagomba man Ghana and go free.
The leadership of Ashantis respect Dagomba more than any tribe in ghana & vise versa....

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Northern crisis
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