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Boy drowns in abandoned ‘One-Village, One-Dam’ project

Comment: Re: Boy drowns in abandoned ‘One-Village, One-Dam’

2018-08-23 19:03:41
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Re: Boy drowns in abandoned ‘One-Village, One-Dam’

Mr. Kofi Mensah,there is something we call Environmental Impact Assessment. An individual, agency or government institution embarking on a project or program that would have possible environmental, social or economic impacts on people must conduct EIA. From the concerns of the community (if the article is true) the villagers had concerns due to the location of the dam which were supposed to be addressed. Safety as well as public health. The boys death is just the beginning. We do no construct irrigational dams near homes. Check the location of Tono and Via constructed under Acheampong. Now leave the boys death aside and consider possible overflow which may cause flooding. Again it may serve as a breading ground for mosquitoes. The geomorphology of the place too changes.

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Re: Boy drowns in abandoned ‘One-Village, One-Dam’
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