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Quit not – Asiedu Nketia pleads with Otiko

Comment: Asiedu Nketia has destroying ndc think

2018-08-25 09:22:33
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Quit not – Asiedu Nketia pleads with Otiko

Did I hear Asiedu Nketia say Otiko may not be welcome in Italy?base on what if I may ask?i believe it’s because Otiko responded harshly to John Mahama and if that’s true the Asiedu Nketia has no shame.Do you remember Mr Dan Abodakpi the EC convicted criminal who’s now seeking to lead the ndc as a chairman?after he was granted pardon from lawful custody,did ndc not appoint him ambassador to Malaysia?did they consider the negative effects that had on Ghana,s relationship with Malaysia?what did that man achieve there?for the Malaysians it was an insult to bring an ex convict to work among decent society there but all the same they allowed base on respect they ve for Ghana.I always maintain that there’s no bad example one ll not find in ndc,whatever they accuse Npp of has happened ten times in their useless party,the only record Npp can never beat ndc is a sitting president beating up a sitting Vice President nonsense.

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08-22 11:54
Asiedu Nketia has destroying ndc think
08-25 09:22