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Quit not – Asiedu Nketia pleads with Otiko

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NANA ( New York )
2018-08-22 17:27:36
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Quit not – Asiedu Nketia pleads with Otiko

What has her decision got to do with you Mr Mosquito? She has given tangible reasons as to why she is quitting, siting her sick ex husband whom she can't leave her here and go to Italy. Don't you think family is more important than politics? She has kids with him and know what the ex husband has done for her hence she wants to take care of him. Why is this ugly and stupid man trying to twist her decision? What has she done in Italy that she will not be welcomed there ? .Some of you idiots should know that not all people are as greedy as you bastard. At your age you should have left the scene for young guys coming up in the party to take up that position. BUT NO.....Greedy looters like you will stay there for ever to finish the country's coffers before you leave. But even with all the money that you have looted, you can't even change your lifestyle.....look at the way you dress, like a typical bush man, like a village man you are. So leave that honourable woman alone. That's her decision and it's not yours, KURAASE NII !!!!.

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08-22 11:54
Re: Quit not – Asiedu Nketia pleads with Otiko
NANA ( New York )
08-22 17:27