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Presidency not aware of Otiko’s rejection of Ambassador role

Comment: crooks and castle.

okofor buo.
2018-08-22 04:29:50
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Akufo Afro, Big Mistake.

i really admire otiko djaba.very principled and no nonesense.she is not happy with her new position and she quits.i hope others will learn same,rawlings era some ministers were kicked and slapped around but stay put becos of trappings of power.ursula the scam artist and con woman can still maintain her position with all the kelni/kelvi drama swirling around she and her president 2020 will not be a cake walk for you.gabby otchere darko,brentuo your secretary etc can't carry you over the finish are gradually chipping your winning you want to join the ranks of ex.prez mahama?do you want to be a loser?only one term president?otiko is my gyal and you've robbed yourself one vote from the fanteland.

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08-21 22:00
Npp agyimifoo party mmoa
08-21 22:35
crooks and castle.
okofor buo.
08-22 04:29