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Otiko declines Akufo-Addo’s ambassadorial job

Comment: You chose power over family, why go back

2018-08-21 17:50:25
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Otiko declines Akufo-Addo’s ambassadorial job

Otiko, now you see that family is important? Because of politics you stood against your own family, insulted them in some cases including yr own mother. You are going back to the same family you belittled ? You remember the adage that says "no matter how high a leave is on the tree, it will one day Witter and fall to the ground". You see your end ? You allowed power to eat you up , thinking you could do without yr family and as if there was no tomorow. No matter how bad yr family may seem, never deject them because they are the only ones who will stand by you when everyone else rejects you. I wonder how she is going to win the hearts of her family back. No doubt this is surely a tall ladder to climb and one that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Your mother and siblings have all disowned you so which family are you talking about going back to take care of?

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08-21 14:00
You chose power over family, why go back
08-21 17:50