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Upper West Region most impoverished in Ghana – UNDP Report

Comment: I'm a proud NORTHERNER

2018-08-20 15:12:30
Comment to:

Your comment is short of intellectual capacity. Poverty is all over Ghana and your people also struggle to eat.
What have your party done for Ghanaiàns since they had eight years? Don't sit at your corner and try to insult Northerners. If you care to know the Northerners that you people insult are the people driving the economy of Ghana.How many Northerners have led this country since its independence? After Hilla Limann, it took over 20 years before another Northerner and just 4 years, you have cried fowl that he has destroyed Ghana. You hate Mahama because he's a Northerner.
Your current people holding power what special thing are they doing?. To you you think Akans are superior to all other tribes. If that's your mentality then is quite unfortunate and I pity you.
Why didn't Kuffour use the 8 years he had to eradicate poverty completely from even among your people. You think your regions are richer. If stealing, engagement in sikawa rituals, duping of people to make money is what you call riches once again is quite unfortunate.

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08-20 13:01
I'm a proud NORTHERNER
08-20 15:12