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Economic difficulties under NPP man-made - Asiedu Nketia

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2018-08-16 14:32:12
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Economic difficulties under NPP man-made - Asiedu

General, U have said it all!!! Let us assume that the NDC squandered all the money in the country so there is very little left for the NPP to utilise for development. As a financial advisor to the NPP, what advice will you give to the NPP on the ff scenarios: 1. The NPP wants to start free education and it is a known fact that being free, it will lead to increased number of students in our secondary schools. As an advisor to the NPP government on the best way to utilise the little resources available, will you advise them to use that money to pay allowances to teacher trainees for the party to be popular with teachers or rather to complete Mahama's uncompleted E-blocks to increase the number of classrooms available to take care of the increasing number of students? 2. The NPP wants to increase access to health care services and also have more hospitals and beds for patients. As an advisor, will you advise them to use the meager resources to open the hospitals Mahama built and completed and complete the nearly completed ones or rather ask the NPP to pay nurses allowances to make the party popular???. We should answer these questions dispassionately to appreciate the lack of good judgement by the NPP that we are all talking about. My advice to the NPP is that we all make mistakes so they should eschew arrogance and eat the humble pie by apologising for the misplaced priorities that have led us to this chaotic situation and thereafter consult extensively on any step they want to take so we avoid these childish mistakes moving forward.

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Re: Economic difficulties under NPP man-made - Asi
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