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Akufo-Addo welcomes calls to sanitize gospel ministry

Comment: noise is killing us EPA

2018-08-15 09:15:59
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President, Churches, check noise makers!

I have observed this madness in Tema also. Come to Tema community two Mexico School park and you would be amazed. And other related places .The noise in Tema is crazy but nobody seems to care simply because the very person who should enforce it doesn't even see the need to do so. Why? venerable or hustler person who happens to be benefited from our education system and has now gotten a job, what he/she is looking for in life is how to feed his family and not what his core mandate is telling him to do. Just waiting for his monthly salary or if possible where to get his 'koko' money. So noise pollution will never stop in Ghana because we are ignorant and don't care about anything around us. We attributed every shit to God's making without reasons. I asked a friend of mine, so those who are using large speakers at this school park at 8pm do they think about those who are living around the area also in terms wether someone is sick,fresh babe is born or generally someone has just closed from work and needed a sleep. What this crazy friend of mine told me was that is normal in Ghana and they are even lucky they are enjoying free music. This country is hell when it comes to noise pollution. Very sad one.

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08-14 23:24
noise is killing us EPA
08-15 09:15