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Akufo-Addo welcomes calls to sanitize gospel ministry

Comment: President, Churches, check noise makers!

2018-08-15 02:35:52
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Akufo-Addo welcomes calls to sanitize gospel minis

I am encouraged by the boldness of President Akuffo Addo in speaking against the ills of the church. Strangely his minister in charge of Religious Affairs does not appear to take his job seriously. He keeps playing the ostrich when so many things are wrong with the church. The President must however walk his talk. On the issue of noise making, he must order and ensure that the oganisations charged with enforcing the law on noise making, do their work. Lives are being needlessly destroyed through the unlawful and senseless noise pollution by churches, operators of drinking bars, night clubs, shops, peddlers, way side preachers, trotro stations and all manner of people and yet the Police Service, EPA and the District Assemblies look on. Is it out of ignorance that Parliamentarians never raise questions about noise making?
Mr President, after making the right observations about noise making and noting that the enforcement agencies who are monthly paid to safeguard the people against the activities of noise polluters, do not carry out their mandates, have you done your job by not getting them to work or giving them the sack?
Do we take it that you were just paying lip service to the people?
And to the Christian Council, National Council of Charismatic Churches and the Ghana Pentecostal Council, when are you going to start checking the noise pollution by your members?
Many so called pastors and prophets are illiterate and untrained. The Professor's suggestion of registration could be strengthened with a requirement for qualifying from an accredited seminary before licencing.

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President, Churches, check noise makers!
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