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Menzgold not licenced to sell, trade gold locally - Report

Comment: Senseless Akuffo of Menzgold

2018-08-13 16:18:08
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Menzgold not licenced to sell, trade gold locally

Mr Akuffo, which school did you attend? Simple logic and you are talking rubbish. You brole the law. You refuse to heed to several quiet warnings. You are telling us you sell special product so the BoG should not make noise. What kind of noise? You don't respect the law. You use stagy bravado to prove that you are right. Who is the noisy in this?You get little education and you think you can bluff everybody. Bravo BoG and PMMC. Knock sense into th eheads of these bastards and thieves of Ghana's financial sector.
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08-13 10:53
Senseless Akuffo of Menzgold
08-13 16:18