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Menzgold not licenced to sell, trade gold locally - Report

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2018-08-13 15:52:39
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Menzgold not licenced to sell, trade gold locally

I wholly agree with the above post. People have dived deep into the mzg business including myself.i have been into it for the past three years and have had lots of acquisition through my investment returns with them.Any hasty decision to halt their operations will be a disaster to both investors and government. BoG should thread with caution. The situation is delicate than the eye can perceive unless it is corroborated plan between the two to duped the public. Why will BoG be reluctant to act with speed when they claimed the activities was illegal knowing that the gullible public kept investing.This claim by BoG has been going on for the past 2years.Please allow them to operate ,we will take risk

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