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Menzgold not licenced to sell, trade gold locally - Report

Comment: Menzgold

Benjust @50
2018-08-13 15:34:36
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Menzgold not licenced to sell, trade gold locally

Joyfm, this is absolute rubbish. menzgold has been in operation for the past 4years and all what BoG does it to issue statements warning customers without acting to stop the crime. The situation can be likened to warning people not to buy cannabis from a known pusher whilst the distributor is openly selling with impunity. The truth of the matter is ,many have dived deep into it.Unless the government deliberately wants to stop the operations of mzg and create mass suffering and investors agitation ,government before doing anything hasty and careless must take steps to help customers retrieved their investment. After all, no customer is complaining of being duped by mzg 4yrs into their operations. Many doubted the claim by BoG that mzg is illegal because of their failure to act with speed All they do is to lamely caution the gullible public to avoid it whilst the company kept operation and customers benefiting

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Benjust @50
08-13 15:34