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Menzgold not licenced to sell, trade gold locally - Report

Comment: haters

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2018-08-13 11:52:08
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Menzgold not licenced to sell, trade gol

so why should ghana have so much gold and the citizens can't buy the gold but can be exported. useless nation. for those calling for the collapes of menzgold, shame on u. the fact that u don't have to courage to explore opportunities does not mean others should think like u. u are the kind of people who spend their life savings looking for green card and other means of running to other countries. Bottom line is BOG due to their stupid and selfish policies are loosing customers. they enrich them selves but the common man gets practically nothing for their investments. SHAME ON U PEOPLE OF GHANA. MENZGOLD GO AND FLOURISH SOMEWHERE ELSE AND LET THE PEOPLE OF GHANA BE SLAVES TO THEIR MASTERS THE CHEATS

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no. 9
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