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We’re fulfilling our promises – Akufo-Addo

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2018-08-13 07:52:53
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I don't blame you. Even Trump stood beside a prototype slab and called it the wall he promised to build.
Akufo Addo and his Finance Minister cannot agree on the cost of Free Education let alone how it is and will be paid for. But he is fulfilling his promises. The New Ameri Deal turns out to be a complete disaster and a basket full of corruption or thievery intended ideas. But Akufo Addo is fulfilling his promises and approved it but for public outcry. Preacher friends, serving as board chairmen for banks have emptied their coffers and are running around on our streets in the cars bought with the loot. Our roads are still "manholes" and deathtraps. We are borrowing from one source to pay for our loans from another. We are recommissioning projects started by others and selling our sovereignty for $20mil a year. Yet Akufo Addo looks into people's eyes and tell them, "they are fulfilling their promises." He didn't just get this way overnight. I would have given him a Third Class in Economics too.

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