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I’m now moving to the powerhouse— Upper East Reginal Minister

Comment: Every Northerner should read your post

2018-08-12 12:44:44
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Be assured that there are many northerners who share your views. In fact, reading your piece, sometimes I thought I was the one who drafted it.

The hard fact is that the underdevelopment of the North should be lamed squarely on us but not on colonialism or southerners. I particularly like your concluding paragraph that "The Honourable Minister is a different breed of the northern political elite, with a culture and mentality similar to the southern political elite who put the development needs of the people they serve first, rather than excessive lust for personal gain and power through political corruption to be used to molest and enslave the very people who empower them." To me, this is the crux of the matter!

Check every development intervention in the North, eg URADEP, FASCOM, Tono Irrigation, Vea Irrigation, Bontanga Irrigation, LACOSREP, NORRIP, etc etc etc. None of these were managed by anyone from outside the North - all northern sons and daughters! They looted all the resources and nothing to show.

Compare the quality of roads and buildings in the North funded by the state: all are appallingly shoddy. Have you seen the bridge on the Bolga-Bongo road (or is it Bongo-Nangodi?)? Instead of a bridge a shoddy culvert was built. Clearly, the the officials in the region (mainly sons and daughters of the region) colluded with the contractors to short-change the region.

Cast you mind to all the roads constructed in the North (except the trunk roads contracted to foreigners) and you see that Bongo bridge example is exactly the same all over the North: Instead of the bridge in the contract, they build a number of cheap culverts. Surely, the culverts cannot cope with the volume of water at the peak of the rainy season so they get washed away.

In fact, we are our own enemies!!!!

In fact I was greatly pained to hear that Rockson had been removed. Though I'm not an NPP sympathaser, I know that Rockson is the kind of person we need at the helm of affairs in the north. Do you understand why Rockson has been sabotaged? Sadly, the the president just believed backbiters. But are we surprised - a president who signed a deal that would have crippled Ghana with a scam totaling US$1.2 billion without reading it?

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Every Northerner should read your post
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