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I’m now moving to the powerhouse— Upper East Reginal Minister


2018-08-12 11:45:33
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I’m now moving to the powerhouse— Upper East R

We are all aware as Northerners that the major hindrance to development in the Northern sector is penchant for retrogressive tendencies and self destruction.Unfortunately,the issue of negativity, positive constructive thinking that inform practice of innovation,creativity,productive,progressive ventures that are supposed to bring about the desired development in a largely deprived and margilaized area like the northern sector, is largely as a result of failed leadership. Adult elders who are generally self centered and indeed very diabolic in scheming evil and malicious agenda to satisfy their narrow parochial interest rather than the collective interest of the upper east region and its people for have never in anyway demonstrated true leadership worth emulating by the youth.Ethnocentric groups like BONABOTO for instance has become a virulent threat to heterogeneity in scarce human resource and innovative thinkers through conscious deliberate ethnic purging in public institutions who could have significantly added to the development gains of the region.Unfortunately,the activities of BONABOTO is being sponsored and promoted by high profile personalities and opinion leaders including respected educationists and medical practitioners ironically in the midst of collapsing health care and education in the region.Honourable Rockson is incorruptible and a developer.But his major weakness is that he listens to all manner of people and most often wrong and evil- minded people who mislead him into taking erratic decisions that come with consequences.Even his so-called special aides have not in anyway been helpful to a beleaguered Regional Minister who mean well for the people he served .Most of those so-called special aides were inherently greedy,filthy corrupt and incompetent in often misleading the Honourable Minister purely for self gain, not capitalizing on his direct and honest approach to problem solving that would have made him more efficient and productive in championing development in the interest of the Region.Many well wishers and friends who believe in him and his transformational agenda for the region and could have offered sound technical advise in some policy decisions and programs distant themselves from the minister because of the behaviour of his aides who thought everybody coming around was potential leech to compete with.It was about lying and destroying others to the Honourable Minister for self gain even as young persons empowered, replicating the same negative tendencies of adult elders in the region which has become an albatross to the development fortunes of the region.Anybody close to Honourable Rockson Bukari should advise him to get like minds like him who are not only incorruptible but have demonstrable qualification and competencies not to embarrass himself as a cabinet Minster at the Jubilee House.There is noway the Honourable Minister can lobby for development projects for the region if he does not have competent,selfless,serious minded aides capable of putting up proposals to make an argument and convince relevant authorities for such development projects in the region.The Honourable Minister is a different breed of the northern political elite, with a culture and mentality similar to the southern political elite who put the development needs of the people they serve first, rather than excessive lust for personal gain and power through political corruption to be used to molest and enslave the very people who empower them.Good luck to him.

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