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NPP members turned meeting with Akufo-Addo into an ‘employment agency’ – John Boadu

Comment: Good for Nothing JDM Toilet Cleaner

2018-08-12 16:34:40
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U see their arrogance

We allowed Ntafuo Toilet Cleaners to Govern, why not Okaniba. Thanks to Democracy nonentity people's in our Society are here to make Noise. What did we gained from providing Free Education for sold called Northerners over the decades None. I'm edging NPP Government to Prosecute John Lucifer Mahama if found guilty, Execute him for Coursing Financial losses to the State. Every Akan person should not be ignorant thinking Ewes and Northerners like you. They don't. Ask your self why 95% of NDC Members are Foreigners. Again ask yourself why NDC never compliment any Social protection policies for Ghanaians? Answer is they don't Care.
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Good for Nothing JDM Toilet Cleaner
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