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It’s a ‘limited reshuffle’ but some ministers will lose their jobs – Cabinet member

Comment: Hang the Ugly Dog!

His Excellency The Ugly Dwarf
2018-08-08 14:47:10
Comment to:
Akufo is disgraceful to Blackman!

You give us such a criminal to be president. He doesn't even look human. Ghanaians abroad are embarrassed to say who their president is, less they'll be ridiculed. Such a gorrila-looking midget with a long tongue in a smelly saliva-drooling mouth and with criminal background. We all know that he's deeply involved and now pretending to sacrifice Boakye Agyarko. We also know that Agyarko will be doing a secret job and chopping taxpayers money. Criminal party!

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08-08 14:20
Hang the Ugly Dog!
His Excellency The Ugly Dwarf
08-08 14:47