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Vote ‘No’ to creation of new regions for your own sake

Comment: Don't Vote.

2018-08-10 07:30:00
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Vote ‘No’ to creation of new regions for your

Dr. Dua, thanks for your time for writing this piece. However, I want to ask you, in what field did you gain your Doctorate degree?
1.How do advanced society's develop?
2. After the voting is cast, is the region created the following day?
3.Does Ghana not have Technocrats to start planning towards the creation of the regions?
4. Don't you know it is the state (as in Ghana) that is going to finance?
5. If you had done a through research on Ghana, you would known what prospects are there for the future in the creation of the region's, long term.
Please, don't scare the nation with your lousy comments, information or whatever you call it, because you have a Doctorate Degree, in what? That does not give you the right to tell someone not to exercise their CIVIC rights. Thanks.

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Nana Atobra,europe
08-09 16:26
Don't Vote.
08-10 07:30