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Reshuffle looms; Napo, Boakye Agyarko targeted

Comment: Re: Who goes to Amidu?

2018-08-06 18:19:24
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Who goes to Amidu?

People are just ignorant and the half baked attitude of Ghanaians is undermining opportunities to examine issues carefully. Nothing substantial has come out of this discussions except vested political interests making noise. Parliament has missed a big opportunity to put the 2 contracts sid by side and debate properly to enhance and entrench democracy. The fact that this gov’t acted within her mandate to send the new contract to parliament is proper and a good sign. The noise must stop so those vested political interests are exposed. The Ghana gov’t must negotiate a new contract and it must be well done, the old contract is inadequate, period.

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08-06 16:22
Re: Who goes to Amidu?
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