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1D1F: 36 factories to be operationalized soon – Akufo-Addo

Comment: We Not Innovative and very lazy people

2018-08-06 09:34:40
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1D1F: 36 factories to be operationalized soon –

Some Ghanaians especially those fortunate to be educated unless the years spent at various universities were not meant to teach them common sense, leave much to be desired. Where in the world would you conjure factories to be operational within one year? Let us assume all the 216 expected factories have all the following:
1. Buildings
2. Equipment
3.Furniture, fixtures and fittings
From this assumption what do we need to start production? Raw materials, the skilled labour to turn the raw materials into finished goods. Even here how long do we produce the raw materials? Cassava Production, potato, maize..... how long do all these take to be harvested? Let us be realistic and put our hands on the wheels.
Let us as a nation stop our stupidity and work with the government to deliver on the promises. You could see from the above that when they came to power, there were no reserves. All the Cocoa revenue,oil revenue, mining revenues have all been dissipated by these same noise making politicians who were in charge before the change votes.
The government has set the agenda let us all get involved and build the factories instead of sitting on the fence expecting miracles.

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08-06 09:34
We Not Innovative and very lazy people
08-06 09:34