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New Ameri deal: You’ve been embarrassed; sack those who misled you – Akufo-Addo urged

Comment: Shame On You

2018-08-05 11:36:41
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New Ameri deal: You’ve been embarrassed; sack th

As elderly as you are you should think first before you open your mouth. You have failed in your submission to make your case as to why the President should fire anyone.I just wonder how much bribe have you taken from NDC to do the dirty game for it. Next time, please, weigh your thoughts before ask the President to fire anyone. By the way, during the Presidency of JM how many people did he fire? You did agree that the deal as signed by JM administration was not good. As an elderly person what is the way forward? We are waiting.

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08-04 22:37
Shame On You
08-05 11:36