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New Ameri deal: You’ve been embarrassed; sack those who misled you – Akufo-Addo urged

Comment: Happens everywhere Ghana not the 1st

2018-08-05 09:25:42
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New Ameri deal: You’ve been embarrassed; sack th

Once found and talk about and action is the main thing to remedy the situation. However it is a wake up call that the President have learnt a hard lesson. Not everyone around you wants you well. Many want you to be seen in a this kind on situation so never trust those close to you because they can nail you when it suits them.Well done though for call the deal off but my advice would be never ever sign anything in this way any more. The general public is suffering. Ghana has no welfare benefit to help the poor and needy as in the developed countries. There is no social housing in the country as a result people are building all along Government free land along major roads. Ghana have lands yet many are suffering whilst Govt convoys race in SUV's to events. These poor children and families will risk everything to see the President yet they are the ones nation careless about. They live in mud hut in this 21st century Ghana. Why? Raw;ings failed to address social housing, Kuffour and Attah Mills and Mahama were all the same. It was only Kwame Nkrumah and Acheampong would bothered and build some social housing. Please Please do not forget the plight of these people during your Govt remember and add to social housing in the country. It would make a significant difference to these group of people. Please less convoy on trips and rather rethink how to add on the the social housing Kwame Nkrumah and Acheampong did.

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Happens everywhere Ghana not the 1st
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