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New Ameri deal: You’ve been embarrassed; sack those who misled you – Akufo-Addo urged

Comment: The 110 Ministers not fit for purpose

2018-08-05 09:08:40
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New Ameri deal: You’ve been embarrassed; sack th

The President's 110 Minister and their deputies are all not fit for purpose and and must be sacked for doing poor job. You see Ghanaians are not like the way some European Minister work. He feel they have been favoured to be a Minister so many are complacent thus disgrace the President. Truthfully many are just incompetent in the role they have been given with no experience how can you even challenge the civil servant. A typical example is the Minister of Education. He is just a Doctor not an Educationalist. There or a School governor to know a thing or two about the way schools operates. Does not even know or heard of Raiseonline which is a dashboard for feedback school used in the developed countries. Does not have a clue of how teachers can be motivates from training college to stimulate children from nursery school with paper Art and Craft thereby firing the imagination of children for innovation and creativity from the classroom before they even get JSS. This is because once children reach higher level if not already prepared lacked that motivation to carry them to SHS. Ghana is not having many engineering spirit from JSS until someone parents is already in that trade or profession. schools

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The 110 Ministers not fit for purpose
08-05 09:08