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Are Ghanaian politicians forbidden from using idiomatic expressions? - Manasseh Azure asks

Comment: JM is a big disappointment to Ghanaians

Alhaji Yussif
2018-08-05 08:00:50
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Are Ghanaian politicians forbidden from using idio

I vividly recall how it all started,when Nana Addo use the idiom all die be die,the ndc knew the had nothing to campaign on so must use it to tag him as a violent person calling for war but the president later ll prove to them after the stolen 2012 election verdict by disagreeing with the ruling but accepted it for the sake of peace.JM on his part first told the people of the Ashanti that if he paved the streets of Kumasi with gold they ll still be ungrateful,followed by the message to workers that he had developed a dead goat sindrom and that he fears no knife,to it,they can demonstrate unending as long as he had Charlotte Osei at the time as EC boss.But with all the headlines making the news the JM chooses to this to say that he careless about any other thing including his government giving fake licenses to mashroom banks and it’s collapsed.

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08-04 17:15
JM is a big disappointment to Ghanaians
Alhaji Yussif
08-05 08:00